Port Selection Criteria for the Korea-China Train Ferry

Ja-Yeon Lee, Kyong-Jun Yun, Su-Han Woo


The Korea-China Train Ferry can be one option to enter into Eurasia and a meaningful way to extend the route for logistics enterprise and manufacturers of Korea to reach the broader global market along with specific access to China. Under this scenaris, this study is designed to look at the progress and status of the Korea-China Train Ferry project as an opportunity for Korea to build a path towards Eurasia and to review factors and opinions to consider in port selection based on in-depth interviews with industry participants and experts. It also aims to discuss ideas for a Korea-China logistics cooperative system. For the train ferry's success, agreements between Korea and China are essential to ensure consistency in base ports and customs clearance procedures and long-term preparation should be made in the first phase to build the framework for the Korea-China Train Ferry operations.  


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