Vol 2, No 3 (2013)

International Journal of Supply Chain Management (IJSCM)

Table of Contents


The Synergy between Minority Business Enterprises and Corporations: A Proposed Supplier Diversity Relationship Framework PDF
Erastus Ndinguri, Leon Prieto, Simone Phipps, Vicky Katsioloudes
Economic Order Quantity Modeling using Automatic Identification Technologies PDF
Erick Jones, Vettrivel Gnaneswaran, Walter Mulfur, Harrison Armstrong
The Effect of Individual Representation on the Performance of a Genetic Algorithm applied to a Supply Chain Network Design Problem PDF
Krystel K Castillo-Villar, Jose F. Herbert-Acero
Performance Analysis of International Steel Manufacturers: A Benchmark Study for Steel Supply Chains PDF
Tsung-Hsien Yang, Hyun-cheol Paul Choi
Adelina Gnanlet, H. Muge Yayla-Kullu
Cost Effectiveness and Flexibility of Reverse Logistics for Consumables and Raw Material: An Empirical Investigation PDF
Sanjay Umakant Bokade, D.N. Raut Raut
Linkages between Integrator, Grower Involvement and Business Performance: An Excerpt from Preliminary Findings PDF
Ahmad Shabudin Bin Ariffin, Hendrik Lamsali, Shahimi Mohtar
Reducing Bullwhip Effect in Fresh Food Vegetable Supply Chain Management: A strategic approach for Inclusive Growth PDF
Somashekhar C. Iyanahally, Dr. J.K.Raju Raju, Dr. Hema Patil
Book Review: Exploring the Supply Chain: Theory and Practice PDF
Hafsa Maryam, Dr. Mamun Habib
Book Review: Supply Chain Management from Concepts to Practice PDF
Hafsa Maryam

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