Vol 2, No 4 (2013)

International Journal of Supply Chain Management (IJSCM)

Table of Contents


A Review of Distribution Related Problems in Logistics and Supply Chain Research PDF
Xu Yang 1-8
Utilizing Pipeline Quality and Facility Sustainability to Optimize Crude Oil Supply Chains PDF
Billy Gray, Erick C. Jones, Yvette Weatherton, Restu Sunarto-Bussey, Harrison Armstrong 9-16
Opportunities and Pitfalls Associated with Coordination Structures in Supply Chain Management: An Exploratory Case Study PDF
Renu Agarwal, Preethi Subramani 17-31
Modelling Supply Chain Coordination: An Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process under Fuzzy Environment PDF
Rajendra Kumar Shukla, Dixit Garg, Ashish Agarwal 32-41
Applicability of Lean Healthcare in Sri Lankan Healthcare Supply Chains PDF
Rangi Lakma Wijewardana, Thashika Rupasinghe 42-49
Interpretive Structural Modelling for Challenging Issues in JIT Supply Chain: Product Variety Perceptive PDF
Vijay Bhaskar Mahajan, J. R. Jadhav, Dr. V. R. Kalamkar, Dr. B. E. Narkhede 50-63
Supply Chain Coordination Competency and Firm Performance: An Empirical Study PDF
Rajendra Kumar Shukla, Dixit Garg, Ashish Agarwal 64-70
Test Logistics Maturity of the Industrial Zone in the Region of Gabes PDF
Olfa Jellouli, Manel Abdelkadhi 71-75
Using System Dynamics to Simulate the Management of Operation and Maintenance of Ship Machinery under the Port Availability Constraints PDF
Dhimas Widhi Handani, Makoto Uchida 76-84
A Study for Supply Chain Management Improvement PDF
Olfa Jellouli 85-88
Book Review: Multi-tier Supply Chain Visibility in the Automotive Industry PDF
Bishwajit Banik Pathik, Dr. Md. Mamun Habib 89-91
Book Review: Supply Risk Assessment in SCM- Assessing Supply Side Risks PDF
Hafsa Maryam 92-95

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