Vol 3, No 3 (2014)

International Journal of Supply Chain Management (IJSCM)

Table of Contents


A Commodity Production Model with Operational Flexibility of Investing Optional Capacity on Offshore Platforms PDF
Ismail Civelek
Supply Chain Coordination with Quantity Discount for Seasonal Demand PDF
Mikhail M Sher, Seung-Lae Kim
Determining the Optimal Number of Cluster Suppliers under Supply Failure Risks PDF
Shyh-Hwang Lee
A Multi-objective Stochastic Programming Model for Order Quantity Allocation under Supply Uncertainty PDF
Xiaobing Liu, Zhancheng Li, Li He
Proposal of a Stochastic Programming Model for Reverse Logistics Network Design under Uncertainties PDF
Berk Ayvaz, Bersam Bolat
Bullwhip Effect Variance Ratio Approximations for Aggregated Retail Orders in Supply Chains PDF
Akram Amine El-Tannir
Gaining Competitive Advantage through Strategic Green Supply Chain Management: From a Literature Review towards a Conceptual Model PDF
S. Maryam Masoumik, Salwa Hanim Abdul-Rashid, Ezutah Udoncy Olugu
Supply Chain Risk Management: A Review PDF
Gurdeep Singh, Nabsiah Abdul Wahid
Stochastic Inventory Control Systems with Consideration for the Cost Factors Based on EBIT PDF
Kenichi NAKASHIMA, Thitima Sornmanapong, Hans Ehm, Geraldine Yachi
The Optimal Inventory Policy with the Reusable Raw Material and Imperfect Items PDF
Shou-Mei Su, Chia-Jung Chou, Shy-Der Lin
Reverse Logistics Supply Chain Network Design: Models and Issues PDF
Prabesh Luitel, Kris Lieckens, Nico Vandaele
A Grey System for the Forecasting of Return Product Quantity in Recycling Network PDF
Berk Ayvaz, Eda Bolturk, Sibkat Kaçtıoğlu
Resilience Optimization for Medical Device Distribution Networks Based on Node Failures PDF
Jianhua Xiao, Fei Wang
Scraps Management With Lean Six Sigma PDF
Choong Kei Shing, Santhirasegaran Nadarajan, Sitraselvi Chandren
Role of Ethics in Procurement Process Effectiveness in the Water Sector in Kenya: (A Case Study of EWASCO, Embu County) PDF
Jackson Ndolo, Eunice G. Njagi
Supply Chain Information Management and Service Delivery in Public Health Sector Organizations: A Case Study on National Medical Stores of Uganda PDF
Samuel Pule
Supply Chain Management through Vertical Coordination in Vegetable Industry PDF
Uma Shankar Singh, Uma Sankar Mishra
Are Kenyans Suffering from Procurement Nightmare Culture? PDF
Jackson Ndolo, Eunice G. Njagi
Optimal Disassembly System Design with Environmental and Economic Parts Selection for CO2 Saving Rate and Recycling Cost PDF
Kento Igarashi, Tetsuo Yamada, Norihiro Itsubo, Masato Inoue
Structural Equation Model for Effectiveness of Technical Managers in Information Technology Industry PDF
Yogesh N Naik, Monika Bisht

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